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School of Dragons Hack - Free Coins and Gems?

edited December 2017 in Game Hacks

Yes, this is true. Free coins and gems for you all. How? Simply read below and learn more about School of Dragons Hack Tool.

About School of Dragons Online Generator

Online hacks tool are very useful for players. Why spend money buying game resources where you can get them for free? This tool was developed from a great team and I am very thankful that I got this tool from them and now I am sharing it with you all!

How to use it?

Start by entering your username. Then continue by entering or selecting the number of Coins and Gems that you want to get for free! Leave ANTI-BAN protection ON and just click Generate button. Wait around a minute until the process of adding free resources to your account is finished.

What is Verification process?

Verification is a simple process where you need to complete it to be able to use the tool. Why? Because of bots! They are harmful to the script (generator). So just verify that you are human by completing one survey. After you complete the survey and you get this message:
it means that there was a error during the verification process. This happens because there a lot of users trying to get free coins and gems, and the server can't handle them, or there was a problem with your internet connection, be sure to check that.
If you see:

it means that the verification process was successful and you just need to open the game and use your free coins and gems. That's all. In just 5 minutes using School of Dragons Hack tool you will save money and be a great player with these free resources.

Thank you tedM for this video! Great start for you!

**NOTICE: ** Do not use the tool more than 3 times per day. The server isn't strong enough to take many request per day.

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